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A short swing is one that is quicker, more powerful, and hits for higher average.  Everyone wants a short swing -  but what is a short swing?

I see coaches, instructors, and training aids on TV; in magazines, and all over the internet, seeking to get players to swing with a "shorter" swing.

Most of the instruction centers around the swing path - where devices and teachers try to make players' swing paths more "compact".

But a compact swing path is not the same thing as a short swing

The swing length is the length of the path along which the player is "trying to hit the ball".  It is swing commitment relative to contact.

Consider a "check swing" in baseball.  A player can only "check" his swing if he hasn't committed to it yet.  If he hasn't committed to it yet, then he's not yet "trying to hit the ball".

Committing to the swing nearer the ball is a function of the top hand taking over the swing.

Committing to the swing nearer the ball is something that happens naturally when the player feels like his/her top hand and forearm is the strongest link in the swing.    

A short swing is a "hands" swing  -  and a "hands" swing is a "top hand" swing.
This training exercise improves strength in the top hand and forearm  -  the muscles that take over the swing in the area that is nearer contact. This creates a looser, freer, more relaxed path toward the ball during the swing. Extra strength is conducive to greater confidence and comfort to commit later in the swing - "trying to hit the ball" later in the swing.  Now that's a short swing 
      "short" baseball swing.  A major difference however, is that the right hand's (the hand closest to the club head) work is finished before contact with the ball - as the club is released just before contact.

The player doesn't getfind, or achieve lag.  Lag is something he/she manages.  It is waiting in order to apply the greatest amount of force or torque at the bottom of the swing - nearer the ball.

This is achieved by dropping the right hand instead of swinging with it from the top of the swing.

It is very difficult to make the right arm do "nothing" though.  

When the player thinks in terms of his "hand" swinging the club (in this case his right hand), his arm will move in close to his body to a stronger position for the hand  in preparation for contact with the ball.

If you've ever used a wrench in a tight spot or opened a tightly closed jar, you know how important your hand position is.  But also
notice how your body instinctively moves to achieve a stronger position for the hand.

The Short Swing Trainer allows a player to practice or train the right hand to manage lag while using his "two hand" swing to maintain good body mechanics.

The Short Swing Trainer also trains the player to release with the right hand at the bottom of the swing.

Check out the Bobby Jones Youtube video below as he said something similar many years ago.  In particular, listen closely to the last few seconds - starting at 1:20
In Golf -  the                 meaning of the 
term "Lag" comes               very close to explaining the same principles at work in the             
The Short Swing Trainer enables the user to swing the bat or club with the hand closest to the point of contact - while his other hand remains attached. This facilitates the user in executing his "two-hand" swing while one hand does all the work
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HomeThe Science of HittingProductsContactShort Swing GalleryBlog

Check out this short swing by Alfonso Soriano.  Everything's moving  - soft landing  - late action as hips don't fully torque until right arm is in a strong position for the right hand (arm moves in front of the right shoulder).
What Is A Short Swing Anyway? 
A short swing is a "top hand" swing.  Train the top hand to shorten the swing.
A short swing is a "hand closest to the club head" swing. Train the hand closest to the club head to shorten the swing